Kyoto conjures up eternal images of a rich and unbroken thread of Japanese cultural heritage. From the towering majesty of Kiyomizudera Temple to the bustling street life of Gion, the ancient capital has something to offer everyone. 

Solare Hotels invites you to immerse yourself in this tranquil and beautiful world by staying at either SH by The Square Hotel Kyoto Kiyamachi (stylized as SH by the square hotel) or Hotel Androoms Kyoto Shichijo (stylized as hotel androoms). Both these locations offer unforgettable experiences that will leave memories lasting a lifetime.  

SH by The Square Hotel Kyoto Kiyamachi: Kyoto Off the Beaten Path

The hotel stands 10 stories tall, with 75 immaculately maintained rooms in total. A stylish restaurant sits on the first floor, and free Wi-Fi is available everywhere. Every room is elegant, modern, and packed with all the amenities you could imagine. Yet the profoundly embedded ethos of Kyotos culture will pervade all aspects of your stay.    

Start your day with a traditional Japanese breakfast, including the option of sinking your teeth into some mouthwatering Omi beef. This variety of Wagyu originates in neighboring Shiga Prefecture and is regarded as some of the highest quality beef in the world. Compliment your meal with Koshihikari rice from nearby Tamba, a hearty bowl of miso soup and some fresh eggs.   

Breakfast contents subject to change

Gaze out upon the historic and thriving Higashiyama District from a Riverside Grand Twin Room, standing virtually unchanged for centuries. Look down at the gently flowing Kamo River, enduringly popular with young couples and immortalized by the masterful ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige. From your enviable vantage point, you will see the city in all its glory from the break of dawn until beyond dusk. 

Though perhaps far from home, you will feel welcomed by the warm ambiance of your lodging. Should you wish to thoroughly explore the surrounding environment, guests may rent bicycles for free.  

Chill out at the hotel lounge on the second floor, where a variety of refreshing drinks and local confectionery are at your disposal at no extra cost. Its an ideal place to unwind, either before or after you take in the plethora of sights and sounds Kyoto has to offer. And if youre feeling in the mood for some additional composure, you would do well to avail of the hotels aromatherapy service.

The hotel can easily be reached in ten minutes by taking Bus Number 4, 17, or 205 from Kyoto Station. SH by The Square Hotel Kyoto Kiyamachi can also be accessed on foot from either Kyoto Kawaramachi Station or Gion-Shijo Station, with both journeys taking approximately ten minutes.   

Visit the SH by The Square Hotel Kyoto Kiyamachi website for booking information.

Hotel Androoms Kyoto Shichijo: A Modern Twist on Japanese Traditions

All 83 rooms at Hotel Androoms Kyoto Shichijo effortlessly merge the realm of traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary convenience. There are seven different room types, from the standard double to the premier twin, each of which is infused with subtle Japanese elements to create a perfectly harmonious atmosphere that simultaneously embraces modernity. Wooden floors and furniture work in tandem to manifest a gentle feeling of balance and stability. The vibe of the city seeps into the hotels pores.      

Having a laidback morning, but still feeling hungry? Breakfast can be delivered directly to your room. Guests should reserve their meal at the time of booking or up to one day before. Locally sourced Kyoto vegetables will definitely put an early spring in your step. 

Drop into the café on the first floor later on, where even more delectable treats await. Freshly baked bread delivered from Kyotos Bakery Ordinary Day with bacon and cheese is sure to satisfy any appetite. We especially recommend a warm cup of Unir Kyoto coffee, which is bound to lift your spirits. The beans are meticulously stored in pristine conditions, ensuring optimal enjoyment.    

Relax your body and mind by soaking yourself in Doketsu-no-Yu, their exquisite public bath that looks out onto an exterior garden crafted with anouzumi uncut stones known. Free of charge for all guests, this quintessentially Japanese sento experience will transport you to a domain of pure peacefulness after a busy day of sightseeing. Let the warm waters calmly wash over you as your troubles float away.  

You can find the hotel a mere five minutes’ walk away from the Karasuma Exit of JR Kyoto Station, and it is a similar distance from Exit 2 and Exit C6 of Kyoto Station when disembarking from the Karasuma Subway Line.

Visit the Hotel Androoms Kyoto Shichijo website for more information.

While all rooms in both hotels are exclusively non-smoking, both contain designated smoking areas. Other ubiquitous conveniences, like laundry machines and ice machines, are likewise present at both locations.   

Regardless of your choice, Solare Hotels will make your time in Kyoto more special than you can imagine.

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