I’m on the beautiful west coast of Canada, and last week while a dear friend and I enjoyed a leisurely day amongst the lush rainforest that this part of the world enjoys, we discovered a wonderful little gem.

Driving in Cobble Hill (north of Victoria on Vancouver Island), a sign directed us to Organic Fair—a little organic farm that makes the most divine fair trade, organic chocolate, ice cream, coffee and such.

I am always delighted to see people crafting wonderful products that are mindful of the earth and its inhabitants.

The chocolate is inspired by tantalizing flavors from all over the world, including the Sakura bar that marries dark chocolate with candied cherries and ginger. The “sinfully spiced coffee” gives you coffee with the delicate spices of chai—DEL-I-CIOUS!!

To learn more, check out www.organicfair.com

Om Shanti,