For anyone familiar with Japan, the tropical islands of Okinawa are perfect for whiling away summer days and nights. One of the largest resorts in the prefecture, the vast 650-acre Kanucha Resort is located 80 minutes north of the hustle and bustle of Naha and overlooks Oura Bay. A haven of beach in front and Yanbaru oasis at the back, its prime location offers opportunities to satisfy every guest, from inland exploring to ocean dipping. 

Plan Your Stay at Kanucha Resort

TW is collaborating with Kanucha Resort hopefully inspire readers to plan a summer Okinawa escapade. Visit this special landing page to access an exclusive plan that includes breakfast and three Kanucha tickets if you book between the months of June and October 2023. Guests can choose between the resort’s Avian, Kanucha Suite and Orchid rooms. 

Drink, Pose and Stargaze

Okinawa’s remote location makes it one of the best places in the country for stargazing. Book a starry sky bath and sky walk during your stay at Kanucha Resort and follow the guidance of a certified Star Sommelier (a star expert) as he walks the group through the wonders of the cosmos. Savor all-you-can-drink beverages, from soft drinks to local Okinawan liquor, including awamori.

During summertime, the tour is held on tranquil Kanucha Beach, enabling guests to enjoy the area in a new way. Guests receive their very own picture, taken by a professional photographer who knows how to highlight the whimsical surroundings. It serves as a fantastic memento from a delightful evening.

Explore the Okinawan Jungle

Kanucha Resort guests who enjoy a fun-filled holiday can join a kayak tour of the mystical Okinawan mangroves. The resort offers tours tailored for the adventurous among us. Head out in a kayak and paddle around the Oura mangrove forests, so beautiful that they are a designated national monument by Nago city. Enter a whole new world and be amazed as you wander right through the middle of twisting trees growing straight out of the water. 

Following the lead of a local guide is important, as they are the most knowledgeable about the surroundings. Some kayak tours include a light meal, which is recommended. How many times can you say you’ve picnicked in the mangroves?

To make the mangroves even more exciting, Kanucha Resort guests can participate in sunrise tours, held at the perfect time to appreciate the gorgeous glowing skies from the mangroves. Night owls should instead book the aforementioned starry sky bath kayak tour to experience the wonders of the jungle and the Okinawan after hours.

Get Wet and Wild

Kanucha Beach is the perfect setting for a stroll overlooking azure waters and Oura Bay. It is famed for its blue coral, hibiscus flowers and proximity to the Yanbaru wilderness. In fact, one of Kanucha Resort’s best perks is that guests can wander this lively area of Okinawa.

Guests of Kanucha Beach shouldn’t feel limited to a gorgeous sandy beach, however. There are plenty of bookable Okinawa activities on offer to please even the most adventurous of thrillseekers. From hoverboarding to jet packs, marvel at the ability to fly above the waves. Nature lovers will be pleased to see the incredible marine life. Tours to the nearby uninhabited islands are also available.

While the Kanucha Beach area is open to the public for a fee, Kanucha Resort guests who fancy quality resort time can head over to the Garden Pool, an exclusive outdoor facility. Come evening, head to the indoor pool, located in the Rainforest building, open until 10pm. Glowing beach balls and backlit waters provide a disco-like atmosphere that kids and adults will love. 

Celebrate Summer the Okinawa Way

Since its establishment over 25 years ago, Kanucha Resort had ample time to discover and share how to make the most of summer. The resort hosts annual summer festivities from July to September, a period the resort calls “Splash Summer,” which includes a host of Okinawa activities to ensure maximum fun. 

Saturday evenings at the Garden Pool offer traditional Okinawan Eisa dance and music performances. Performers dressed in Okinawan costumes get the resort family into the festive spirit, with beating taiko drums and energetic dancing. Guests who might like to head to the beach after hours can enjoy fireworks. Around mid-August around the Garden Pool, local stalls sell souvenirs and offer games to play, with a variety of activities available to try.

Throughout summer, there are various workshops and experiences for children, too. Run in conjunction with a local technology institute, last year saw the chance to make aroma candles and even fly a drone. 

There’s no better way to experience Okinawa than an activity-packed holiday. For more information on Kanucha Resort and the various tours they offer, head to the hotel’s official website. 

If you think you’re ready to commit to a trip, definitely check out Kanucha Resort’s exclusive plan for TW readers