Bordered by the Pacific Ocean’s Sagami Bay on its south side, Odawara is blessed with a scenic coastline that’s been admired by travelers since the city served as a post town along the old Tokaido Highway. With a sandy coastline that attracts beachgoers in summer, and a bustling harbor that serves as the main port for fishermen in the area, there’s plenty of activity here throughout the year.

Odawara Fishing Port owes much of its success to the fact that Sagami Bay boasts one of Japan’s three biggest deep gulfs and hence is home to an abundance of seasonal seafood (notably horse mackerel and sardine), which is caught and brought to shore on a daily basis.

The Highlights

Aside from the many restaurants around the port, where you can tuck into the freshest fish dishes, the harbor’s fish market (fondly called Little Tsukiji in Odawara) starts at around 5:30am. There’s also a Port Morning Market held every second Saturday from 7am-10am. Best beaches include Miyukinohama, Kozu and Sakawa.

The Recommended Restaurant

Taste the freshest seafood in the region at Harakawa Gyoson, where visitors can choose from a selection of fish caught that very morning. (1-9-6 Hayakawa, 0465-24-7800).

The Essential Info

Address: 1-10-1 Hayakawa, Odawara, Kanagawa (20-minute walk from
Odawara Castle, or five-minute walk from Hayakawa Station)
Open: Daily

Photographs by David Jaskiewicz

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