One might say that there are two types of tourists out there: those who are concerned about keeping their travel expenses down and those who’d be willing to hire a limousine to get them from place to place.

For these uber-wealthy types, Uber simply isn’t going to cut it. This is where the newly launched Japanese Limousine Service comes into play.

Tourists – particularly free-spending Chinese who helped usher a new word, bakugaiinto the Japanese lexicon – are still coming into Japan at a remarkably fast clip, and already hit the 20 million mark this year. The Abe administration’s goal of hitting 40 million visitors by 2020 may not be that unrealistic, and while the spending sprees have calmed down over the past few months, there are still plenty of visitors to Japan who are coming into the country with ready cash to spare. Keeping this in mind, a limousine service for travelers to Japan doesn’t seem too far fetched.

What makes the service more than just a fancy way of getting around the city is that the drivers are also trained tour guides and concierges, and can lead customers on visits to locations in Tokyo. The company’s service area extends to the six closest prefectures from Tokyo, so trips to the ski slopes of Nagano or the beaches of Kanagawa are possible for those able to foot the bill. Customers can choose from a Toyota Alphard, a Toyota HIACE, or a Mercedes-Benz AVANTGARDE.


According to the company, customers can consult directly with JLS to select one of several prearranged trips or come up with a customized package. In addition to visiting Tokyo’s best known tourist destinations, guests can also get a taste of Japanese culture through activities like seeing sumo wrestlers in action followed by an opportunity to cook up some chanko nabe (the stew that the grapplers eat to bulk up), taking part in Zen meditation sessions, learning about ikebana, attending a Noh or Kabuki performance, or seeing more modern sides of Japanese culture – pretty much whatever a customer is looking for.

In addition to providing the first foreigner-focused limousine service, JLS also offers a multilingual guidance system, which works in five different languages – English, Chinese, Korean, French, and Spanish. Created specifically for the company, the application will provide tourism information about points of interest when customers pass by, thanks to a GPS system.

The company is hoping to expand their service area to the Hokkaido and Kansai areas by 2018. Interested in traveling at a new level of luxury? Check out Japan Limousine Service at


A crowded subway train, or champagne and snacks? Seems like an easy choice…

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