Miyakojima is one of the most popular islands in Okinawa, and with the opening of a brand-new airport, more visitors are on the way. Hotel Locus, which opened January 22, is located in the northwest of the island by the Hirara Port, only 10 minutes by car from Miyako Airport.

The hotel is an “experience-oriented resort” specializing in hands-on activities such as marine sports unique to Miyakojima, plus local culture, cuisine and more to help guests experience the true charm of the island.

All 100 rooms feature an ocean view. From single rooms to suites with pools and jacuzzis, there are six room types to choose from.

The hotel is designed to take full advantage of the rich natural environment of Miyakojima. Okinawa’s traditional crafts and materials were used provide an atmosphere unique to the island and offer guests a relaxing experience—that includes original textiles based on traditional Miyakojima patterns used in the carpets and cushions.

For meals, visit Locus Table, located in the second floor of the hotel. The restaurant offers dishes cooked with local ingredients including fresh vegetables and spices.

The hotel also features a hip store where you can buy textiles and traditional crafts.

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