Anyone who’s been greeted by the friendly robot Pepper-kun or stayed at the recently-opened Henn na Hotel knows the words Japan, hospitality and technology go hand in hand.

As the country updates itself to welcome people from all over the world, one new hostel in Tokyo feels distinctly like that self-operating house that you’ve seen in countless movies set in the future.

Located in Asakusa – a place where the traditional and modern mix – &AND HOSTEL is not only a “smart hostel,” incorporating Internet-of-Things smart devices, but also a futuristic entertainment facility that’s a sightseeing destination in itself. These many high-tech devices can be accessed through the hostel’s dedicated application, &IoT, making the hostel both a must-see for techies and convenient for the rest of us.

Here are some of the IoT devices that make stays at &AND HOSTEL extraordinary.

MESH by Sony

The seven electronic tags, each linked to different switches and sensors, are connected to the MESH application.



Qrio Smart Lock by Orio Corporation

A smart key with a small surface to attach to any type of door.



Philips Hue by Philips Lighting

LED smart lighting. Choose over 16,000,000 color variations from your smartphone.



Mornin’ by Robit

A curtain that automatically opens to the set time from your smartphone. Wake up in comfort of warm sunshine.


FLOOME by 2045Tech

Measures blood alcohol content for those late Asakusa nights.



It’s a table! No, it’s a speaker! Wait, it’s both!


For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only) or the hostel’s official website.