Where other hotels may offer temporary reprieve from the outside world, Namyu the Place in Gusukubebora has preserved a corner of Miyakojima to be cherished for generations. Native flora is nurtured in this elegant space, while extended grounds are decorated with Ryukyu limestone rocks to recreate the scenery of the surrounding coastal landscape. Here, in this wild sequestered hideaway, guests can find tranquility and escape from the busy world around them. 

A Private Enclave

Stepping into Namyu the Place is like crossing into another dimension. In this version of your life, the hotel is your home and sanctuary. Namyu the Place is made up of five private oceanfront villas, each one housing a maximum of two guests per night. The spacious quarters extend through to an open terrace and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean below. If you look at it from just the right angle, it almost seems you could swim straight out into the sea. 

During the day, this quiet oasis filters out everything but the salty sea breeze and the sound of the rolling waves, allowing for undisturbed moments of repose. As night falls, the villa transforms into a cozy hideaway with front row seats to the greatest show in town — an unobstructed view of the Milky Way and other galaxies beyond our grasp.

Culinary Luxury at La Namyu 

The hotel’s restaurant, La Namyu, is for the exclusive use of its guests. Here, colorful culinary innovations are paired with a panoramic view of the ocean to create a blissful sensory experience with each meal. Time your dining with the sunset and sunrise for maximum effect.

All menus are curated by Head Chef Shotaro Takigami, whose brilliance shines through on every plate served. Dinner offers a full French course of eight decadent dishes, each one a masterpiece in execution and flavor. Though the menu uses French culinary traditions as a base, it is the Miyakojima-sourced ingredients that steal the show. Takigami works closely with local producers to provide high quality produce that satisfies both the body and the soul. Offerings are highly seasonal to ensure freshness, but elements such as shikwasa, goya, Miyako beef — often referred to as the “phantom wagyu” due to its rarity — and akamachi often make appearances.

Namyu the Place’s breakfast is an extravagant affair of traditional Ryukyu cuisine, featuring a colorful array almost 20 dishes. Ancient customs come to life through delectable bites of green papaya pickles, vinegared mozuku algae and soki soup.

Beaches A’plenty

Should you still wish to venture outside of this secret refuge to experience more of Miyakojima, there are several options in the area. Higashi-Hennazaki, on Miyakojima’s easternmost point, is a narrow coral limestone cape that stretched out two kilometers into the midst of the ocean. From here, you have an almost 360-degree panoramic view of the ocean. Nearby Boragawa Beach offers marine activities such as sea kayaking, diving, limestone cave exploration and more.

The 500-meter-long white sands of Yoshino-kaigan Beach are ideal for some relaxing in the sun, while Aragusuku Beach and its surrounding shallow waters allow for exceptional snorkeling close to the shore. 

Customize Your Stay

Namyu the Place offers a variety of plans for guests to suit their travel preferences. There are basic overnight options with no meals included, allowing guests to venture out and explore other locations on the island, as well as those offering either only breakfast or dinner. For those considering lingering in this paradise for a little bit longer than just a day or two, there are longer stay plans where all food and drink — including room service — are covered for the total duration of your time at the hotel. 

More Info

Namyu the Place
1145-10, Gusukubebora, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture

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