Just when you thought a train traveling at speeds of 320 kilometers per hour and offering the option to soak your feet in a foot spa, was luxury at its finest, JR steps up its game again by unveiling plans to create a luxury Shinkansen on par with a five-star hotel.

World-renowned automobile designer, Ken Okuyama, who has worked on projects for General Motors, Porsche, Ferrari, and most recently TAG Heuer, supervised both the interior and exterior design of the new 10-car luxury Shinkansen design.

Modern suites and deluxe, multi-level suites will be located in six of the cars, in addition to two lounge cars, where you can take in the views with four sides of windows, and dining cars. The deluxe suites will offer guests their own private lounge area, shower and bath:


Plans to reveal the new train have been slated for Spring of 2017, and it is scheduled to service Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima.

The design concept of the luxury Shinkansen is a “train to enjoy the change of time and space,” and it is meant to provide a sense of openness in a country where it can be difficult to easily find any amount of open space.

Check out the photos below to see more details of Japan Railways’ upcoming plans, in another push to promote a comfy tourism experience ahead of the 2020 Olympics:





Images: JR East

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