I continue to travel in Portugal enjoying the friendly people, wonderful narrow Moorish and medieval streets, and local delicacies that include Pastéis de Belém (a custard tart) and Ginja (a sour cherry liqueur).

I have wanted to visit Portugal for many years and my with my pilgrimage across northern Spain conveniently bringing me to it’s doorstep – how could I refuse?!

The additional opportunity to do research for a magazine feature in the capital of Lisboa sealed the deal.

The economic crisis is being hard felt in Portugal with talks of a bail-out. Despite tightening their belts, it appears that people continue to live well and happily here. There is a peaceful flow to the country that is easy to fall in love with.

I visited the popular coastal regions of Cascais and Estoril and mountain region of Sintra. The strong Altantic waters  of Cascais beckon surfers and wind surfers and the despite the heat of the sand the beautiful blue waters are quite cool. Even if you aren’t a beach-goer, the villages throughout the region are charming and wonderful to stroll. In contrast to the coast, the mountain area of Sintra has undeniable energy. I had a cool experience when I was driven  to a particular part of road on the way to Sintra where the  car I was in was pulled  up hill (with the engine off)!! I am not clear what allowed this  to happen (magnetic force?) but it is clear that the energy of the area is really something.