Welcome to the fifth edition of Kyushu Weekender, sister mag to Tokyo Weekender, which has been keeping Tokyoites informed and entertained since 1970. We revisit the seven prefectures that make up this great southern island, though this time on our own.

Japan’s intricate web of transportation networks makes it both safe and easy to explore the country solo. While the number of departures dwindles as you approach the farthest reaches of the countryside, the sense of an impending great adventure rises.

We invite you to set out on a journey that is all your own. Allow yourself to be selfish and take complete control of your itinerary, whether that means you plan every minute of the day or you float freely as the wind blows — the choice is yours.

Channel your courage. Choose your own path. Learn to trust yourself. Make Kyushu the place that you find a new side to yourself or rediscover one you’ve neglected for too long.