Kyushu Railway Co is offering to take passengers on a sweet ride—a blend of the best local confectionery and breathtaking coastal and mountainside views.

The Sweets Train service will cater to travelers with a sweet tooth, particularly females, beginning 2015 on the Omura Line in Nagasaki Prefecture and Kyudai Main Line connecting Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures.

Passengers will be treated to desserts and quality teas and coffees as they enjoy panoramic views of the coast of Omura Bay in central Nagasaki Prefecture and Mount Yufudake on the Kyudai Main Line.

The dessert menu will be customized for each line, according to JR Kyushu.

The railway company plans to launch the service using existing train cars, which will be redesigned by Eiji Mitooka, who was involved in the launch of the Seven Stars in Kyushu, a luxury sleeper cruise train.

“With the success of the A-train service, we can be sure that railroad food service will gain popularity,” said one JR Kyushu official. “We believe that customers will return to enjoy different views and a variety of sweets on board. I also think that we could use at least one more line for this service.”

The cost of tickets for the trips has not yet been determined but given the cost of luxury trains in Japan, the price will probably give you a sugar rush.

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: sebra /