Reviewed by Mary Rudow

Unwind in luxury at one of Shimoda’s flagship hotels

Kurofune Hotel is located right on Shimoda bay, the exact spot that USS Susquehanna docked at in 1854. The arrival of the Navy “black ships” or kurofune in Japanese—was key to Japan’s formal opening to the West.
Kurofune Hotel was clearly influenced by the meeting of cultures, built in the mid 1960s it has a glorious retro feel to it.

This hotel would make a great movie set: picture a glamorous lobby the size of half a football field, luxuriously thick carpeted flooring, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and imported European furniture.
A large wall stands on the far side with water cascading down it into a shallow rectangular pool, and a baby grand sits next to a large fish tank teeming with sea life. Sitting in the lobby alone brings nostalgia of a bygone golden era. The rooms in Kurofune are Japanese style and of varying styles and sizes (from 24-36 square meters), but all with open terraces and a nice view of the bay. Some of the rooms even have their own hot springs bath.

Kurofune Hotel features an incredible “infinity pool”. The semi circular swimming pool is heated by hot springs water feeding into it. It is housed under a dome which retracts on a fine day to reveal the impressive paranomic view of Shimoda Bay. The onsen bath, which is rich in minerals has healing properties for those suffering from muscle ache, arthritis, skin diseases, menstrual cramps, etc.

It is open to the public for a mere ¥1200 (all day). Lastly, Kurofune Hotel has three special treats for those who desire a little more: The Uro, Onjaku and Misago, three unique spa courses set in the most romantic, relaxing and natural settings. Discover Kurofune’s luxurious secret hide-outs and emerge rejuvenated and refreshed!


Kurofune Hotel


Infinity Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Lounge, Kids Room, Salon, Karaoke Box

Price: ¥16,000 – ¥30,000 per night

Address: 3-8 Kakisaki, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture, 415-8514

Tel: 0558-22-1234



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