Stepping out into the bright lights and busy streets of Tokyo is a thrilling adventure each time. Despite endless entertainment options, the fast-paced city life can feel a little drab after a while. Take some time for yourself and nurture your adventurous spirit — without leaving Tokyo or sacrificing any urban luxuries — by booking a stay at the grandiose Keikoku Glamping Tent. 

You Can Experience Unparalleled Nature

Located in picturesque Hinohara in Western Tokyo, Keikoku Glamping Tent is enveloped by deep forests and mountains from all sides. The village borders the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, offering a smorgasbord of pristine natural experiences nearby. The area is most famous for its waterfalls, with about eight of them within a 30-minute drive from the glamping grounds. Kuzuryu Falls, with its nearby Kuzuryu Shrine, is an easy 8-minute stroll away, while Yume and Ryujin Falls are also easily accessible within a 20-minute trek.

The Villas Are Completely Private

Hinohara’s sparse population of 2,100-odd residents — that’s a density of roughly 20 people per square kilometer — guarantees little disturbance from the outside world. Within the Keikoku Glamping Tent grounds, there are only two self-contained villas and no onsite staff, making it easy to relax without interruption. Take the opportunity to luxuriate in your own private space, completely detached from the outside world.

It’s Fully Loaded with Five-star Amenities 

The two villas provide anything a guest could ever ask for and then some. Both accommodations are spacious — the luxury tent offers a generous 37.5m2 area for up to three people, while the suite tent and its open-air pool span 50 square meters, with room for up to four guests. Each venue boasts its own wood-fired sauna and jacuzzi to soothe any aching muscles after a long day of hiking and exploring. Guests can follow up with a cozy dinner cooked over the onsite Char-Broil gas grill and maybe even make s’mores over the open fire pit — the firewood is provided and ready to light up. 


You’ll Have Excellent Dining at Your Fingertips

Guests can make the most of the gas grill by ordering Keikoku Glamping Tent’s BBQ set before arrival, thus avoiding the hassle of organizing and carrying ingredients themselves. Those with allergies or dietary restrictions can be easily accommodated — just make sure to let the staff know when making the reservation. BBQ offerings include wagyu steak and Australian lamb cutlet assortments and others, all of which include a DIY pizza set. Extras like seafood paella and cheese al ajillo can be added as well. Breakfast can be added too, with freshly baked bread, jam and a selection of sides to start the day. 

 There’s Always Something More

Whether you want to book a healing experience in the privacy of your villa or prepare a surprise for an anniversary or other special occasion, it’s easy to tailor your Keikoku Glamping Tent experience to what you want. The grounds are also conveniently near several hot spring facilities for those who want to take their relaxing on the road. Guests who want to reserve their quiet time for the villa can book exciting activities nearby, including ninja experiences, zazen and waterfall meditation sessions, horseback riding sessions and more.

For more information, visit the Keikoku Glamping Tent website.