I continue to walk the Camino Frances- week 2. My tendonitis is settling and the odd little blister is being carefully treated the peregrino way. The first time I saw someone tending to their blistered feet with needle and thread I recoiled thinking they had cut their toe off! My friend and fellow peregrino, Felippe from Brasil, is a master ¨foot doctor¨ with a kit of alcohol, swabs, needles and thread he has skillfully and lovingly tended to the feet of his pilgrim friends (thank you my friend for your care!)

As I walk, I have come to sit with many things in my life in a solid way. I wouldn´t say that I have come to see life in a completely new way but I can say that the way I live and wish to live is more solid than ever before. Perhaps this is the full force of the pilgrimage at work. They say that every Camino has a different spirit and the Camino Frances is a journey that has the ability to show you ¨the way¨ and give you power.

I have been so fortunate with sunny days and no rain at this stage. The heat of summer which settles in during June, July and August has yet to fire up- so the walking is comfortable despite my huge bag! (ja ja). Taken in the historical town of Astorga which claims to have the oldest chocolate factory in Europe, my bag is feeling heavy  as I fill it with Astorga chocolate (necessary energy!)