Where will you first travel when the pandemic ends? For many international travelers, Japan is their top choice. For those of us already living in Japan, there are destinations at the top of our bucket lists that are just a hop, skip, jump and face mask away.

There is that ryokan with the rotenburo bath and kaiseki dinner with fresh unagi caught that day and prepared by a master chef. There are the hiking trails carved into the mountains of the Japan Alps by the reverent pilgrimages of monks of old. There are white sand beaches where the lapping waves of aqua-marine seas splash our toes.

This is where we want to be – in the soothing hot springs waters, in deep nature, at a peaceful Buddhist temple. For these reasons, Japan is considered one of the top destinations in the world for a wellness retreat, or a wellcation as it has come to be known.

Whether you want to travel yet this year or are planning your dream vacation of the future, TW’s Japan Travel Guide 2021 is the guide to ultimate wellcation. TW editors have had months to sit at home and plot out their perfect Japan escapade, and they were happy share insider tips of the trade in this annual travel guide that covers the entire country, from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Where To Find It

From July 2, you can pick up a hard copy of this free guidebook at embassies across Tokyo and at select tourist information centers. You can also browse a digital copy. You’ll find the online version by clicking on the image here: