Ishigaki Island is a paradise for the senses. The Okinawan escape features something to tickle every receptor, from the smell of local plants to the feel of the Pacific Ocean. Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas, tucked away on the island’s west side, helps guests make the most of all the area has to offer.

Located next to the white sands of Fusaki Beach, this resort getaway is surrounded by abundant fauna and flora and allows for gorgeous views of the ocean, the sunset and the stars in the sky. Guests can enjoy modern luxury in the resort’s rooms, each of which come with locally inspired decor, and easy access to the beach. If you want to give all of your senses a vacation, here’s the place to do it. 

Ryukyuan Revival

The resort especially excels at conferring the taste of Ishigaki across their four restaurants. Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas aims to capture the flavors of Ryukyu culture by utilizing locally sourced ingredients. Restaurant Hanaré, celebrating its one-year anniversary this June, merges traditional local culture with a forward-thinking approach to cuisine, making for an innovative take on fusion food. Set inside an area meant to echo the nature of the island itself, Hanaré updates classic Ishigaki flavors for a new taste experience. The course menu changes regularly.

Ryukyu Shintenchi connects the dots between Ryukyu food with dishes originating from nearby Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. Here, the fusion comes between borders, with the Fusaki Beach Resort restaurant melding the rich tastes of the greater region together to both tell a cultural story and to create memorable dishes. 

A Fusion of Flavors 

A similar blur of tastes can be found at Ishigaki Bold Kitchen, Fusaki Beach Resort’s buffet-style dining option. A mix of Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes wait for visitors to enjoy, all in a setting where they can watch as chefs cook the food live, underlining the freshness of everything available. Open for breakfast and dinner — as well as lunch on weekends and holidays — Ishigaki Bold Kitchen allows guests to have a taste experience all their own.

Beachside Grill Kachibai, meanwhile, offers an additional sensory experience for Fusaki Beach Resort guests from March through November. The restaurant serves up authentic American-style barbecue in an all-you-can-eat format. Besides capturing the taste of US cooking, the seaside space allows visitors to see gorgeous sunsets while also hosting musicians who provide the perfect dinnertime soundtrack. 

Alongside the four restaurants, Fusaki Beach Resort houses an assortment of bars, lounges and cafes on their grounds, allowing guests the chance to enjoy delicious drinks, snacks and sights. Enjoy Ishigaki’s gorgeous night sky from The Star Bar, or get cozy at the chill Lounge Bar Adan. For a more tropical setting, head to the Aqua Garden Café for an overload of holiday vibes.

Pamper Yourself

Fusaki Beach Resort offers leisure for all ages, including a water park geared towards younger guests and a top-notch spa for adults. Easy access to the beach makes it a breeze to enjoy all of Ishigaki’s oceanic splendor. Even better, the resort isn’t far from a large national park, allowing for even more encounters with the island’s natural beauty. 

Your senses deserve to be pampered, and Fusaki Beach Resort allows every one of them to shine. Whether you choose to savor the border-hopping assortment of flavors, admire the stunning views of nature and the sky courtesy of the resort’s prime location, or relish the feel of the ocean covering your body, Fusaki Beach Resort makes the most of everything Ishigaki has to offer to help you look and feel great.

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