Want to see the real Japan? Huber might just be the platform for you.

The site matches up visitors to Japan who want to get to know the country and Japanese locals who are looking for an international exchange. Anyone, anywhere, can sign up to be a local guide and introduce the hidden gems of their area.

Up to now, Huber has concentrated on major cities, but is now adding services in rural areas that can’t be found on regular package tours.

The site anticipates the potential needs of its users through its “travel diagnosis” system, exchanging ideas before the trip via chat, which leads to a more satisfying experience.

Huber also employs a pairing system in which guides are paired with translators for smooth communication.

With visits to Japan increasing in the lead-up to the Olympic Games in 2020, Huber offers a unique way to increase international communication and give its users a more authentic Japan experience.


More for details, visit Huber’s official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)