Prepare yourself for the heights of indulgence at luxury ryokan Ginyu Hakone.

Nestled on the mountainous slopes near Miyanoshita Station, Hakone Ginyu offers an unforgettable ryokan experience. It may take you less than two hours to reach this unique getaway, but between its unparalleled views, the attentive service that is there to assist you with every need you might have, and the comfort of the tastefully designed rooms, the life you left behind in the city might seem thousands of miles away. And you might find yourself in no great hurry to head back.


Inspired by its natural surroundings, Ginyu’s varied room styles take their names from the elements: Kaze (Wind), Hoshi (Star), Sora (Sky), and Tsuki (Moon). Starting from the fifth floor, where reception and the main lounge area are located, you can go down one floor to the Kaze rooms, which provide remarkable views down into the Haya River valley. The Hoshi rooms, on the third floor, are decorated with an exotic, Balinese-style theme, while the bright, airy feeling of the Sora rooms is complemented with traditional Japanese décor. Finally, the first-floor Tsuki rooms face directly onto the ryokan’s traditional Japanese garden.

Along with the refined aesthetics of the ryokan’s varied rooms come the most modern of amenities: a wide-screen TV, DVD player, music system and mini bar. There are comfortable lounge/dining areas in each room for breakfast and dinner, spacious beds, pull-out futons, and a large shower with a sliding door that leads out to the balcony.


And on that balcony is one of the things that makes a stay at Hakone Ginyu such a remarkable experience. Each room features a personal rotemburo—outdoor hot spring bath—which differs in size depending on what floor you stay on. Even with this unique touch, Ginyu has taken into account even the smallest details: if you find the water is too hot, simply press a small button on the side of the bath to add cool water. Soaking away your worries and cares in your rotemburo as you gaze out at the mountains and rivers that stretch out in front of you will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your stay.


It doesn’t get much better than this…

If you’d like more space to stretch out in the baths, Ginyu offers three different public onsen. Like the various types of rooms at the ryokan, each of the three baths offers its own unique ambience, making sure that you’ll want to visit each one at least once, both to enjoy the soothing effects of the mineral-rich hot spring water, as well as the enchanting views you can see while bathing. Two of the sumptuous onsen have their own saunas attached, while a third features an eye-catching infinity pool.


Just in case the private and public baths weren’t relaxing enough, you can drop in on the Ginyu Spa, which offers guests soothing massages, facial treatments and reflexology. Prices vary depending on the treatment you choose, but for a completely relaxing experience, we recommend the 120-minute body massage, two hours of pure bliss in the hands of a skilled therapist using original techniques. You can follow up your treatment with a soak in one of the ryokan’s private stone baths.


Drinks and Dining

As you’ll find, time in the onsen and a relaxing spa treatment can leave you quite thirsty, so our best advice is to refresh and revive at one of the ryokan’s two artfully appointed bars, or put your feet up in the exquisite lounge as you gaze at the exotic fish swimming in one of the oversize tanks.

All of this is a prelude to the unforgettable meals at Ginyu. Guests can enjoy an incredible kaiseki or shabu-shabu meal from the comfort of their own room. Using seasonal ingredients that provide a healthy complement to the healing influence of the baths, the chef prepares a series of fish, meat and vegetable dishes that look almost too beautiful to eat. However, each dish tastes as good as it looks, and follows one after the other at a leisurely pace, timed perfectly for maximum enjoyment.

For breakfast, guests have a choice between Western and Japanese style. Western style includes yogurt, fruits, French bread, croissants and cereal. But if you opt for Japanese style, miso soup, rice and fresh fish can be enjoyed.

For an experience that epitomizes luxury, refinement, and unforgettable beauty, look no further than Hakone Ginyu. Whether visiting with family, or for a romantic getaway—it’s no surprise that the ryokan has been the site of many a marriage proposal—your memories of this oasis in the mountains will stay with you long after your stay has ended.

A Night of Geisha, Jazz, and Sake

In April 2015, Hakone Ginyu will be offering a unique night of Japanese culture, jazz, and sake. After guests check in during the afternoon, the festivities will kick off after dinner. Beginning with a traditional Japanese dance performance by six local geisha, the evening will change tempo, as the geisha move over to their instruments and deliver a jazz performance. Throughout the night, there will be a full complement of sake to taste. Truly an event to remember, spaces will sell out fast, so contact the hotel for more details.

For more information about Hakone Ginyu please visit the website:
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Address: 100- 1 Miyanoshita, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0404