If you’ve taken a train in Tokyo recently, or passed by any of our 168 Metro stations, chances are you have seen a lot of posters emblazoned with the word GREAT. Beneath it, is “Britain” – and you’re invited.

They all have views of popular spots, or famous cultural activities in Britain – think Big Ben, The British Museum, and Buckingham Palace – and phrases like ‘For Art, think Great Britain’, or ‘For Culture/Music/History, think…’ well, you get the picture.

They are all part of a big campaign launched recently by David Cameron, the prime minister – who hopes to visit Tokyo this month after postponing a trip in summer 2011 – and it couldn’t be a better time to go further than just enjoy the views the posters give us a hint of. Celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, heritage and sport, the images are striking.

The invites come from famous faces, amongst them celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and Dev Patel, the star of Oscar-winning 2009 film Slumdog Millionaire; the video campaign is particularly persuasive.

For sports fans, it’s hard to surpass the Olympics for drama and extravagance – and hopefully for the UK another showcase of its famous cultural and sporting heritage – and London hopes to host quite a special Games this summer. What better time to visit?

To learn more about the campaign, and see some of the images, see the Visit Britain website 

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or here in Japanese