A new Fukuoka riverside landmark has arrived. Located between the city’s bustling Tenjin and Hakata districts, the 010 Building (pronounced “zero ichi zero building”) has the grand ambition to make Fukuoka an even more dynamic and culturally diverse city than it already is.

A Worldwide Collaboration

Designed primarily by Clouds Architectural Office — known perhaps best for their innovative 9/11 First Responders Memorial in New York — 010 Building is a three-story complex boasting immersive entertainment, cutting edge culinary creations and sumptuous cocktails. Made in collaboration with local architecture and design firms NKS2+ and Nakahara Architecture, this new Fukuoka hotspot aims to give visitors the best of both worlds: world-class service and entertainment provided by local professionals. 

Be a Part of the Show

Theater 010 on 010 Building’s second floor uses the structure’s unique spatial design to create interactive performances. A production team from Outside The Box Amusements Ltd. — the creative foundry that has awed audiences from Broadway to the West End with its over-the-top cabaret shows, variety theater and immersive dining experiences for decades — will be in charge of dazzling spectators and bringing them into the show. The Box is the first of its kind in Japan and the only one in all of Asia.

The first production is set to be “Pheros,” a show that envelopes the audience and stimulates all of their five senses. Inspired by Fukuoka’s cosmopolitan vibes, “Pheros” — a conglomeration of Egypt’s famed Great Lighthouse of Alexandria, Eros and pheromones — is an emotional and mysterious performance toying with space, time and reality. To maintain the magic of the show, Theater 010 will have a complete ban on social networking devices inside the venue. Visitors should expect their smartphones and cameras to be taped up to ensure this brilliant entertainment extravaganza — best experienced in person — doesn’t get leaked to the outside world.

Photo courtesy of Zero-Ten Inc.

Go to GohGan

Another of 010 Building’s big draws is GohGan, a fine dining restaurant that is the result of a collaboration between award-winning chefs Goh Fukuyama and Gaggan Anand. The pair frequently appear on the “Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants” list with their respective La Maison de la Nature Goh and Gaggan.

The powerhouse duo take inspiration from each other and have previously created pop-up eateries under the GohGan name, but with this latest move, their unprecedented culinary innovations have found a permanent home on the 010 Building’s first floor. With terrace seats overlooking the river and indoor seating boasting a view of the open kitchen, guests can enjoy a Fukuoka gourmet experience like no other. There are plans to invite chefs from other restaurants and regions for pop-up events to further encourage collaboration and creative sparks.

Goh, Upgraded

GohGan isn’t the only fine dining establishment inside 010 Building. Fukuyama plans to relaunch La Maison de la Nature Goh as Goh on the complex’s third floor. Ingredients for the dishes have been sourced from all over Kyushu, to make the most of the abundance of local flavors available and construct them into something entirely new. Dinner is served in table d’hôte style, where guests at the table share the same dish, creating an intimate dining experience.

Cracking Cocktails 

With the aid of World Champion bartender and owner of Nara’s Lamp Bar Michito Kaneko, it’s safe to say Bar 010’s tipples will be in a class of their own. The menu will feature thrilling new cocktails and mocktails, including the signature 010, a fruity concoction using sustainable ingredients. In fact, all of Bar 010’s offerings have a strong sustainable theme — a first for a hip nightlife hotspot in the region. The bar will be operated by Shigeru Ikeda, owner and bartender of Fukuoka’s popular La Barre Charager in Nakasu.

More Info

010 Building
1-4-17 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

How to get here: From JR Hakata Station, 10 mins on foot; 5 mins by car


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