The Fuji Speedway Hotel, part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, is known for being a unique cross between a motorsport offering and luxury accommodation. Adjacent to the famous Fuji Speedway, racing enthusiasts travel far and wide to stay at this one-of-a-kind hotel. But what makes the Fuji Speedway Hotel so sought after is its opulent finishes down to the smallest of details, from stunning vistas of Mount Fuji to their carefully curated dining options. 

This fall, celebrate one whole year of Fuji Speedway Hotel with its 1 Year Anniversary Package, available from September 1 through November 31, 2023. With accommodation upgrades, an exclusive cocktail hour and souvenirs to take home, there has never been a better time to book your stay.

Lucky Draw

Guests who booked the 1 Year Anniversary Package sometime between September and November after booking are eligible to enter a lucky draw upon arrival. While checking in, guests get a chance to draw a ticket for a chance to be upgraded to a Deluxe, Suite, or Garden Villa, after booking a Standard or View Room. What’s more, upgrades are guaranteed to be a Deluxe Room or higher. In other words, guests can get access to stunning rooms with exquisite views at a discount price. Adding in the element of surprise of what room you’ll stay at, the excitement of Fuji Speedway Hotel begins when you book your stay.

Anniversary Cocktail Hour

During your stay, enjoy a classy cocktail hour at Fuji Speedway Hotel’s motorsport-inspired bar, Bar 4563. With walls lined with model cars, an outdoor terrace and a table shaped like a Formula One car, Bar 4563 is already a special speakeasy-style establishment to unwind at during your stay. To celebrate its first anniversary, however, Fuji Speedway Hotel has amped up its indulgent offerings to serve up two hours of unlimited drinks at Bar 4563 each night. Guests can also order Bar 4563’s signature cocktails à la carte. The drinks use fascinating Japanese ingredients like sansho or soybean flour for a fusion of flavors, or their car-inspired craft cocktails like Boost, which uses yuzu purée and flavored smoke to kick your senses into gear. Bar 4563’s cocktail hour is exclusive for guests reserving with the 1 Year Anniversary Package, so make sure to reserve with the correct plan to get an invite.

Original Souvenir

Fuji Speedway Hotel is thanking guests for an excellent year with a special souvenir. Each party will receive a one-year anniversary luggage tag, to take a piece of Fuji Speedway Hotel with them. Perfect for car lovers and travelers on the go, the luggage tag is an original design, and will only be available until November. 


Always prioritizing guests’ comfort and satisfaction, Fuji Speedway Hotel’s 1 Year Anniversary Package comes with breakfast. After spending a day behind the wheel, sipping cocktails, and sleeping in an upgraded suite, guests can start the next morning off with a decadent array of food. Fuji Speedway Hotel is particular about its fresh produce and painstakingly crafted cuisine, and breakfast is no exception. With Japanese as well as egg-based options alongside a Western-style buffet, the hotel’s Trofeo Italian Cuisine will make you wonder if you might still be dreaming. With a beautiful meal in front of a stunning view of Mount Fuji, you’ll surely be ready to take on a day full of racing, relaxing, or whatever adventure awaits.

When booking the 1 Year Anniversary Package, guests can also choose to book breakfast as well as dinner at Trofeo Italian Cuisine. 

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The 1 Year Anniversary Package is only available for a limited time from September 1 and November 31, 2023. See the official offer for more details. Book your stay at Fuji Speedway Hotel.