After our first Feel Japan event last summer, we are bringing it back this spring. This time around, Tokyo Weekender is inviting you to enjoy the delights of Miyazaki Prefecture in the comfort of the TW offices in Roppongi. 

Thanks to a mild climate and rich soil, Miyazaki is home to an abundance of flavorful fruits and vegetables, as well as many other delicacies. Among some of the prefecture’s prized produce are Hyuganatsu oranges, kumquats and mangoes, to name a few. Miyazaki is also known for its award-winning beef, praised for its rich marbling and tender texture. For all things food, check out Takachiho, an affectionately known ‘foodie town’, ideal for trying a variety of local dishes all in one place. 

Miyazaki is also a great destination for adrenaline seekers. There are plenty of spots to catch waves or try your hand at Japanese martial arts. Fun fact: British-Japanese skateboarder and Olympian Sky Brown’s hometown is the coastal city of Takanabe.

In addition to learning more about Miyazaki’s exports, event participants will also enjoy an erimono (paper cutting) workshop. Every design is inspired by Miyazaki in some way. Their cultural significance will be explained in detail during the event. 

Finally, this wouldn’t be a TW event without a shochu tasting. We’re collaborating with Kirishima Shuzo, a Miyakonojo-based sake distillery that has produced shochu for over 100 years. During this sampling experience, participants will learn about the different ways to drink shochu paired with some otsumami (snacks).

We will also offer non-alcoholic alternatives for those who prefer not to drink or are under 20 years of age. These guests will instead get the chance to sample various fruit juices from Miyazaki. 

As always, each participant will take home their completed erimono craft and an omiyage gift bag with some extra goodies, courtesy of Miyazaki Prefecture. 

To register, please check out the Peatix listing for this event. Participants can book spots for up to four people at a time. You will be able to select whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages when making your reservation.