After having to cancel our third family holiday in the space of 12 months due to the latest set of Covid-19 travel restrictions, it was beginning to feel like our much-needed family vacation just wasn’t destined to happen. My ever-optimistic 5-year-old son exclaimed that he wasn’t going to unpack his suitcase just yet because he was sure that Papa would be able to fix the coronavirus and we’d all be able to go swimming and eat ice cream. Although I was touched by his vote of confidence in my pandemic-curing abilities, I was at a loss as to how I was going to give the family the relaxing holiday that we all clearly needed after such a trying year.

So when we received an invitation from the people at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi asking if anyone at Tokyo Weekender would be interested in experiencing one of their family staycation packages, it seemed like fate had finally given me a break at just the perfect time

Welcomed Like an Old Friend

From the moment we stepped into the elegantly designed lobby on the 39th floor we were made to feel at home by the attentive and friendly staff. In a luxury hotel in Tokyo you would naturally expect the highest levels of omotenashi service, but we were particularly struck by how accepting all the staff members were of our two young, rambunctious boys. At the hotel, children certainly weren’t an afterthought – they were made to feel like young VIPs in their own right. Upon arrival, the boys were welcomed with a special check-in where they received a Kids’ Stamp Rally, as well as coloring activities and puzzles that kept them entertained throughout their stay.

A Suite to Remember

Excitement levels hit fever pitch as we were escorted into the suite that would be our home-from-home for the next 24 hours. As soon as we stepped through the door, we were greeted with a stunning panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline. Our two boys rushed to the window to start pointing out famous landmarks like Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace. Shortly after they had set up camp in the mini tent that had been prepared for them in the living room, happily playing with a variety of toys, and tucking into a selection of delicious treats that had been made especially for them.

With the kids playing happily it seemed appropriate for the adults to indulge a small aperitive from the suite’s extensive in-room drinks selection before making our way down to dinner.

Pajama Party

After a delicious dinner at the super-stylish, Milanese-inspired PIGNETO restaurant on the 39th floor, we returned to the comfort of the suite where the kids couldn’t wait to get changed into the super comfy yukatas provided by the hotel and jump into bed to watch a movie on the massive TV screen in the main bedroom.

It wasn’t long before the adults started to feel the lure of the super-size king beds so as soon as the movie finished the boys were packed off to the adjoining room so that everyone could indulge in some well-earned sleep.

Thanks to the super comfy beds and blackout drapes we were able to enjoy a rare lie, which is almost unheard of in our house. We were eventually woken up by room service bringing us our delicious American- and Japanese-style breakfasts. Normally breakfast time in our house is a somewhat rushed affair, often with flying cereal and occasional tears because someone can’t find their socks (usually me), but for one precious morning, we were able to lounge in our comfy pajamas eating in a leisurely manner and enjoying the stunning views out of the windows.

After breakfast was finished, we adjourned to the spa on the 39th floor where the boys played happily in the pool and the adults lounged poolside taking in the stunning vistas and relaxing in the bubble pool. After nearly three hours of intense swimming, we had to physically remove two very reluctant boys from the pool and get them ready for cocktail hour.

It’s always been a dream of mine to have two well-trained and obedient children, that could mix a decent cocktail on request, so I was very excited to hear about the complimentary mocktail workshop where kids can experiment with fruit juice concoctions under the guidance of head bartender and expert mixologist Joshua Perez. I was somewhat concerned at first because experience has taught me that giving my youngest son access to any kind of liquids and asking him to shake vigorously would almost certainly lead to tears and a lengthy cleanup, but under Joshua’s excellent tutelage both boys spent the best part of an hour making a series of colorful and delicious mocktails.

The Family Holiday We All Deserve

It was with heavy hearts that we finally checked out of the hotel after one of the most enjoyable and relaxing weekends that we can all remember. On the car ride home both kids were asking me when we’re planning to return. With the current travel climate not looking like getting better anytime soon, another relaxing weekend at the Four Seasons Otemachi sounds like rather an appealing prospect.

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