Nestled in the mountains in the heart of Nara Prefecture, Yunotani Senkei is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, offering guests the perfect place to get away from it all. Opened in October 2017, a stay at this secluded ryokan offers an exquisite encounter with traditional Japanese hot spring culture in the privacy of your own room.

Though the ryokan itself is new, the area has been famous for its curative waters for over 560 years. Yunotani Senkei continues the tradition of this illustrious area with water taken straight from the spring source —a rarity even in Japan — and sent to its baths at a piping 50 degrees Celsius. For those in the mood for some company, the shared facilities boast a sauna and several baths that can be enjoyed around the clock.

During your stay, sate your lust for adventure by visiting Tamaki Shrine, an ancient building enveloped by 3,000-year-old cedar trees, or head to Hatenashi Shuraku, a Japanese village that is designated a World Heritage site. After your excursion, whet your appetite on a delectable feast of locally sourced fare from the natural bounty readily available in the surrounding forests, mountains, rivers, and ocean. Hunger satisfied, return to your room for a long soak in the adjacent outdoor bath, a bespoke piece made from Shigaraki stoneware. As you gaze up at the stars, let your troubles melt away as you find peace in this ancient onsen sanctuary.

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