Just a short 10-minute boat ride from Ishigaki Island lies the beautiful and extraordinarily well-preserved island of Taketomi. With an area of only 5.42 kilometers squared and hosting only three small villages, the island located in Okinawa’s Yaeyama region is a wonderfully remote getaway – and, fittingly, is home to Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, a remote resort offering a luxury escape with a traditional atmosphere.

Walk on a White Coral Sand Path to Your Room

Arriving at Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, you’ll be met with a stone gate clad in the characteristic Okinawan red roof tiles. A pair of shisa — historic lion-like guardians — silently look over the entrance. Cross the bright white coral sand pathway to get to your bungalow, which is sheltered from both wind and bad spirits by a special stone wall, called hinbun. It also adds protection from prying eyes, making your temporary home a private sanctuary. Every house faces south to make the most of the ocean breeze that sails through the resort.

Over 66,000 Square Meters to Explore in Solitude

With over 66,000 square meters to roam around, the resort is like your own private playground. Carts are available for those who want to get around smoothly, and for those looking for a relaxing break, there is a heated pool measuring 46 meters in length. It’s open day and night, so it’s perfect for sun tanning and stargazing alike. For sweeping views of both the ocean and the traditional red-tiled roofs of the resort, head to the observation deck. For the ultimate in relaxation and to truly disconnect from the outside world, Hoshinoya Taketomi Island is the perfect getaway location.

Original Text and Video: Michiko Ono Amsden

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