Readers of Tokyo Weekender hardly need to be reminded of the great pleasures of travel.

Travel allows us to discover new perspectives, people, architecture, cuisine and more. But one challenge travelers all share (and dread) is finding a place to leave all their heavy luggage: who among us hasn’t lost precious travel time wandering around Tokyo looking for a coin locker into which to stuff our bags?

Enter the new sharing baggage storage service Ebco Clock. Having launched January 18, the service bridges people who are in need of somewhere to place their luggage and the venues which have the space to give them a hand. Giving over a hundred cafes and shops, including Shibuya’s adored Udagawa Café, a chance to promote themselves and helping visitors discover places off the beaten tourist track, Ecbo Cloak looks to have major potential.


The process is fast and easy. Search for a nearby venue, reserve online with date and time, drop off your luggage at the venue, and pay via credit card when you pick it up.

The prices differ according to luggage sizes: ¥600 per day for suitcases and backpacks over 45 cm, and only ¥300 per day for hand and shopping bags you simply want to get out of the way.

With the Tokyo Olympics coming up and the city ready to impress with its famed hospitality, entrepreneurial businesses such as Ecbo Cloak are on the rise. By freeing travelers from coin lockers, the service makes thing easier for visitors to fully enjoy their day — luggage-free, stress-free and ready to indulge in the charms of the city.

Ecbo Cloak also aims to expand its services to Osaka and Kyoto with 10,000 venues to be registered within the year. For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only).