This past week has been a time of deep introspection and sitting with the teachings I received over the past 7+ months. The truth is that life is always presenting opportunities to learn, but whether we view them as such is another thing all together. For the past 6 months I have actively sought teachings to shine light and clarify the way I live my life.

Without going into the details – I wanted to share some of my thoughts about how we view life’s challenges. I believe there is so much to learn from “marinating” in the feelings that arise from challenges in our life as they are, not doubt, bound to occur.  Despite this reality we continue to live with the illusion that once we have, earn, achieve X, Y and Z, we will be free from unhappiness, ill-health, negative events, and trying times. This is a wrong view and the source of great suffering in life. Knowing this intellectually is quite different from knowing it in your heart…true knowing. I have found that is essential to create practices in my life that cultivate authenticity and equanimity so that no matter what occurs I will be strong and well.

It is my final week in India and as always my time here has been a teacher – forcing me to face my habitual reactions, prejudices, ‘negative’ emotions and so forth. India is also a place that helps me to cultivate my devotion (bhakti) not only through prayer and pujas but also by simply witnessing the ceremonies of devotion that are so commonplace and natural here.

Reflection for the day: Embrace the challenges that arise today and see them as a mirror and opportunity to see the habitual reactions and unrealistic expectations that you have come to live by. Let it be as it is and know that you are perfectly able to handle every bump that comes your way.