Located just a five-minute walk from Kyoto Station’s Hachijo East Exit is a serene oasis away from the bustling crowds in Japan’s ancient capital city. Opened in June 2018, Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto seamlessly fits into the traditional atmosphere of the city while still boasting the most modern conveniences with a touch of luxury.

Modern Elegance in Japan’s Most Traditional City

Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto, in homage to its host city, takes Kyoto’s penchant for elegant sophistication and gives it a modern twist. Arriving at the hotel’s main entrance from the street, you’ll instantly find a small rock garden, inspired by Kyoto’s Buddhist history. A lattice wood frame guides your path to the main door, allowing gentle flickers of sunlight through to light the way.

Enter the lobby to find a spacious area in hues of dark gray and purple — a seemingly modest display at first glance. At your feet, small droplets of gold in the floor tiles sparkle as you move, paving a pathway of gold to the front desk. There, you will be met with friendly and professional staff who collectively speak nine different languages. Behind them, a soothing display depicting Kyoto in all seasons flickers across an eight-meter-long panoramic screen.

As you make your way to the elevator to get to your room, don’t forget to look up — the ceiling is decorated with a grandiose work of calligraphy on a decadent gold background.

Seamless Service and Abundant Amenities

The hotel boasts 272 non-smoking rooms, all furnished with Simmons-made beds for ultimate comfort. Each room has accents of plum blossoms in its design, a nod to one of the old capital’s most famous symbols. In-room conveniences include coffee machines and multiple USB outlets, as well as a generous selection of amenities. The special executive area on floors seven to nine caters to the needs of individual customers through its exclusive concierge service. Small meals, snacks and drink are served throughout the day. Here, you can enjoy a front row seat to the view of Shinkansen pulling in and out of Kyoto Station. Couple it with a cocktail and some good company for the perfect relaxing end to a busy day of sightseeing or business meetings.

Authentic Italian Fare at La Terrazza

Hailing from northern Italy, Executive Chef Cristiano Pozzi considers it his mission to provide authentic Italian fare, using only the freshest ingredients available. La Terrazza focuses on Tuscan food and serves the classics, staying faithful to the original recipes by using Italian-sourced flour for both pizzas and the fresh pasta, which is made daily. The restaurant is also a special treat for meat lovers; it serves a selection of beef from different regions, including wet-aged certified Angus beef from the USA, Tajima beef from nearby Hyogo Prefecture, and more.

Chef Pozzi’s dedication to the dining experience isn’t limited to just the food — steak-eating guests are offered a variety of Italian-made knives with which to dine. Pininfarina, the company behind Ferrarri’s designs, provides the restaurant’s cutlery. Twice monthly, Chef Pozzi will head a Chef’s Table at the teppanyaki corner, which will feature modern and playful renditions of his homeland’s dishes. It’s an exclusive opportunity — the table only seats eight per session — to see the chef in his element.

La Terrazza’s culinary adventures are just beginning; other events on the horizon include cheese and olive oil tastings, wine pairing events with Italian wineries, and mouthwatering dishes from all of Italy.

For Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto’s contact details, see our Concierge listing.

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