Just 30 minutes from Denver, Boulder is home to many a yogi, outdoor enthusiast, massage therapist, healer and student, to name a few.

Pearl Street is a funky street that provides welcome relief to the Walmart-dominated strip malls that clot every artery on the interstate highways. At 15th Avenue, this lively street becomes a pedestrian only thoroughfare where musicians and entertainers showcase their talents to passersby.

I dined at a community kitchen aptly named The Kitchen, which specializes in seasonal (primarily local) cooking. The staff proudly declare that their kitchen is run on 100 percent wind power, and the kitchen’s used oils are recycled for biodiesel. Karma credits go to diners who eat during the community lunch and dinners, during which 20 percent of their food bill goes to The School Food Project & Growe Foundation. This foundation offers children an opportunity for hands-on learning about nutrition, food preparation and environmental stewardship in order to enjoy a lifetime of wellness.