Nagoya is the fourth most populated city after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka in Japan. It became an industrial hub following the country’s rapid economic growth during the Meiji Era (1868–1912). The most famous site there is Nagoya Castle, though the city is also noted for being the birthplace of the globally known Toyota group. Foodies come to love the wide range of dishes and restaurants it has to offer. Below is a compiled guide of things to do in Nagoya, one of two Japan destinations that made Time‘s list of The World Greatest Places of 2023.

This list is sure to make you fall in love with this often-overlooked metropolis. Do any of these on your way to or back from the newly opened Ghibli Park.

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Nagoya Must-dos

1. Sample a Nagoya breakfast set in the morning, which typically includes a cup of coffee served alongside ogura toast (toast with adzuki beans).

2. Take a stroll around Nagoya Castle.

3. Go up Nagoya Tower and take in the views.

4. Visit the Osu Kannon Temple.

5. Check out Aeon Mall Noritake Garden and spend some time at the Konica Minolta Planetarium as well as the Insta-famous Tsutaya library.

Nagoya’s Wide Range of Local Delicacies

6. Grab a piyorin, a chick-shaped custard pudding cake. Don’t forget to do the piyorin challenge.

7. Try Nagoya’s akadashi (red miso).

8. Eat a bowl of hitsumabushi, a dish originating from Nagoya that lays grilled eel over a bed of rice.

9. Try misokatsu, one of Nagoya’s famed tonkatsu dishes covered in miso.

10. Slurp a bowl of kishimen, a flat version of udon noodles and a local delicacy.

11. Grab a slice of pizza at Pizzeria Braceria Cesari, which ranked number 17 on the 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific list by 50 Top Pizza.

12. Try the cube-shaped, pastel-colored uiro mochi, a Japanese steamed cake. The most famous ones are Aoyagi Uiro, Mochibun Uiro, and Osu Uiro, which can be purchased at Gift Kiosk in Nagoya Station.

13. Wake up early to check out the Yanagibashi Rengo Ichiba (fish market), similar to Tokyo’s old Tsukiji Market.

14. Warm yourself up with a bowl of miso nikomi udon, or miso stewed udon.

15. Eat the cutest sweets at PG Cafe, an adorable penguin-themed café.

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The Arts and Culture Scene

16. Have a go at traditional tie-dyeing at the Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing Museum.

17. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous architecture at the Nagoya City Science Museum, while also checking out the world’s largest planetarium.

18. Take in the modern art by local and foreign artists at Nagoya City Art Museum.

19. Train devotees should check out the Maglev Railway Park, the museum of Central Japan Railways (JR Central), where you can get up close and personal with multiple train models.

Nagoya’s Great Outdoors and Nearby Destinations

20. Visit Shirotori Garden for a breath of fresh air and beautiful views inspired by Nagoya’s nature.

21. Check out the large life-size Lego models at Legoland Japan.

22. Close to Nagoya is Nagashima Resort. Spend an entire day here to enjoy the amusement park, water park, shopping mall, flower park and hot spring complex.

23. Just outside Nagoya is Korankei Valley, which is well worth checking out in autumn for the gorgeous fall foliage.

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Other Things to Do in Nagoya

24. Music lovers should head to Banana Record, which can’t be missed due to its bright yellow front and distinctive facade.

25. Style your home with items from the super cool home goods shop and gallery, Mokumosi Store.