In the last decade, Tokyo has seen a proliferation of luxury hotels and private accommodation established throughout the city. Stroll through neighborhoods like Otemachi and Shibuya and you can see, firsthand, the metropolis transform itself into something else, another shape and another entity.

Toranomon is another area which has been undergoing something of a metamorphosis thanks mainly to the Mori Building Company which has grand plans for the area. This massive undertaking which started with the revitalization of an area once known for being a pretty orthodox salaryman town into a sophisticated urban mecca of retail and hospitality developments started with Toranomon Hills which opened in 2014.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, an award-winning 164-room luxury hotel, operates between the 47th and 52nd floor of the structure and since opening has established itself as one of the city’s top luxury hotels with probably the best panoramic views of Tokyo. A location where you feel as if Tokyo Tower is within grasp, snow-capped Mount Fuji watches over the city from its position on the horizon and the streets, expressways and skyscrapers resemble architectural dioramas.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills was at the forefront of bringing luxury lifestyle to Tokyo and maintains its attempts to encourage guests to explore the local neighborhood and culture which blends history throughout the contemporary redevelopment of the area. Toranomon is a proudly historical neighborhood due to its proximity to the Imperial Palace and plays host to several legendary temples and shrines, craft stores and restaurants.

Staying at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is pure luxury. From the moment you check in on the 51st floor, which also hosts an elegant lounge space and the superb The Tavern – Grill & Lounge, to the minute you set foot in your residence which has absolutely everything you would expect from a luxury hotel experience. Wall to ceiling windows with astounding views, flatscreen television, all mod cons and a wealth of refined amenities. Channeling its deep-seated connection with the city and Japan itself, the rooms have locally-inspired artwork and design nuances including fusuma and shoji paneling on the walls, a deep-soaking circular goemon-inspired bathtub and a bed slightly lowered and closer to the ground that, in some ways, resembles a futon. The attention to detail continues with the softly-lit hallway lighting and use of washi and oak throughout the hotel to emanate warmth.

The pandemic has had a huge effect on the hospitality industry with many hotel operations switching strategy and introducing new concepts and brilliant deals for residents who are looking for an escape. Unable to travel abroad or limiting travel excursions to local areas, many are searching for a refined and relaxing urban experience within the city’s 23 wards. Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, in its third iteration of its premium long-stay plan which was introduced earlier this year to cater to the local market, is incorporating elegant seasonal touches to make these stays and experiences more interesting for the guests.

The current campaign, charmingly named “My Premium Week at Andaz – Winter Retreat” runs until February 28 and features five premium benefits which are only on offer for the winter season. Savor the sweetness of the hotel’s original hot chocolate or chocolate cocktail served at the venue’s stunning Rooftop Bar, a Winter bath set, BeBu seasonal burger set, Winter “Heya-nomi” snack box and freshly prepared breakfast served in your room or at The Tavern – Grill & Lounge.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Winter Retreat, then, reflects and tunes itself into Japan’s cultural passion for celebrating and respecting seasons. From cherry blossoms in spring and community festivals and fireworks in summer to koyo in fall and new year celebrations in winter, the country comes alive and actively finds distinctive ways of showcasing seasonality. Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills’ seasonal long-stay plans are a respectful, playful and enjoyable way of treating yourself, loved ones or family to an experience which mirrors Japan’s obsession with seasons and the myriad of cuisine and activities which synchronize with them.

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For more information about the “My Premium Week at Andaz – Winter Treat” extended stay plan please visit the Andaz Tokyo official website.

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