Planning a trip to Kyushu? Do a bit of island hopping while you’re at it and explore the stunning Amakusa Islands, starting with a dolphin excursion and ending with an evening spent dining and relaxing at L’isola Terrace.

Cruise with Dolphins Around the Amakusa Islands

Ocean sightseeing voyages to the Amakusa Islands allow for breathtaking views of the natural scenery and the famous Five Bridges of Amakusa, but what draws tourists to the Sea Cruise’s comfortable, modern vessels is the 98 percent chance of spotting wild dolphins play about the gentle waves.

A pod of about 200 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins live year-round between the Hayasaki Straights and the Ariake Sea, which is rare as most breeds of dolphin are migratory by nature. Local Amakusa fishermen practice free diving – using no nets – and here the humans and dolphins coexist in harmony.

As such, you are nearly certain to see the dolphins during boat tours at any time of the year, and the friendly and active dolphins in turn enjoy swimming alongside boats and diving about in a playful manner.

Sea Cruise is the first company to provide professional dolphin-watching guides on their sea tours, and the guides are able to introduce the ecology of the Ariake Sea and easily explain the behavior patterns of the bottlenose dolphins leaping about the ship’s wake. Equipped with restroom facilities and air-conditioning, the ships are family friendly, and children and the elderly are able to embark and disembark comfortably. Cruises of the Five Bridges of Amakusa and sunset cruises are also available.

Experience the fresh ocean air and the picturesque views of Mount Unzen and the islands of Amakusa, and also, with the aid of the local dolphins, receive an introduction to the importance of coexisting with wildlife and protecting our natural environment.

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Experience Island Life at L’isola Terrace Amakusa

L’isola Terrace Amakusa provides a respite for families of all ages to experience the best of Amakusa or simply watch the peaceful undulating ocean for a spell. In addition to housing a restaurant where all seats have an ocean view, the multipurpose facility located on Amakusa’s scenic island of Maejima allows visitors to enjoy local delicacies, find the perfect crafts and souvenirs and entertain their children at the play area.

The restaurant Plate Café L’isola offers indoor and outdoor dining – all with gorgeous views of the surrounding islands and the rolling blue waves. Fresh seafood and ingredients are sourced locally, allowing diners to taste the best morsels that Amakusa’s bountiful waters have to offer.

L’isola Terrace’s Shio-Pan Lab specializes in the mouthwatering fan-favorite shio pan. Literally translated as “salt bread,” this is a savory treat of golden crunchy bread that is generously sprinkled with local Amakusa salt. At the elegant seaside Island Stand, leisurely sip on crafted coffee drinks or enjoy refreshing authentic Italian gelato. Meanwhile, guests at the L’isola Beach Bar can enjoy sophisticated cocktails and drinks while taking in the dulcet sounds of gentle, lapping waves.

The L’isola Market sells delicacies such as sweets, seafood and Amakusa’s renowned locally grown olives, while shoppers can find handcrafted accessories and clothing items at the Island Style shop.

Find everything you desire at this seaside getaway, and get up close and personal to the joys of the ocean and island life at Amakusa’s eclectic terrace.

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