Air travel in Japan is similar to travel by train: generally smooth and punctual with good service. Airports are well-connected with train and bus services, and many taxi companies offer flat fees to get to and from the airport smoothly.

Major Airports and Hubs in Japan

Japan’s busiest airports serve as hubs for major destinations across Asia as well as connectors for Japan’s main regions. All prefectures have at least one domestic airport, with many also providing select international flights within Asia.

TokyoNarita and Haneda Airports

OsakaKansai International and Itami Airports

NagoyaChubu Centrair International Airport

Fukuoka Fukuoka and Kitakyushu Airports

SapporoNew Chitose Airport

Domestic Airlines and Low Cost Carriers in Japan

As air travel has become more and more deregulated, the number of low-cost carriers (LCCs) has increased in Japan. Many of them offer cheap domestic flights that cost less than a Shinkansen ticket for the same distance.

Japan Airlines (JAL) — One of two major Japanese airlines, JAL offers both international flights and domestic flights to smaller airports across the country.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) — The other dominant airline in Japan, ANA flies to far-off international locations as well as domestic destinations that other carriers don’t serve.

Skymark Airlines —A domestic-based LCC that serves most major hubs in Japan.

Peach Aviation — Based in Osaka, this domestic LCC flies mainly between Osaka, Naha, and Tokyo, but also serves nearby Asia destinations.

Solaseed Air —A Miyazaki-based LCC that connects Tokyo to major airports across Kyushu.

Vanilla Air — An LCC based in Chiba that flies both international and domestic flights.