Globally-renowned hotel chain Marriott International has produced the ultimate hotel brand to explore Japan on a deeper level. The Fairfield by Marriott brand boasts 22 hotels conveniently located next to michi no eki across the country, allowing visitors to discover a wealth of regional delights.

For the uninitiated, michi no eki are delightful roadside stations, often in rural regions, that form destination pit stops: tiny shopping malls featuring casual restaurants, shops and even attractions serving local produce and experiences. Each hotel stands next to a countryside michi no eki. In contrast to busy tourist traps, the hotels offer a glimpse into the relaxed side of local life, served with world-class Marriott hospitality.

It’s the Perfect Base for Local Explorations

The Fairfield by Marriot Michi-no-Eki hotels harness the power of these beloved roadside stations, creating several unique points designed to make the most of the area. Lacking a typical restaurant, the hotels instead provide a dining space in which to savor products bought at the michi no eki, to showcase local producers in the area. 

In the michi no eki near Fairfield by Marriott Hokkaido Naganuma hotel, one can purchase mutton for Mongolian barbecue, fresh seafood and delicious local vegetables. Winter sports lovers will appreciate the newly opened Fairfaield by Marriott Hyogo Kannabe Higland branch, which connects directly to the powdery slopes. 

You’ll Experience the Famed Marriott Service

The Marriott brand is loved worldwide for a reason — its hospitality — and this extends to its Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki hotels, too. Each room boasts large Simmons beds, loved by guests for their comfort, and stylish rainfall showers.

The lobby of each hotel is decked out in warm wood and soft hues, equipped with ample sockets, USB slots and free wifi, making it an ideal and cozy spot to do some business. On-site microwaves offer hungry workationers the option of buying lunch from the roadside station to heat up to enjoy at their convenience. Free tea and coffee are provided in both guestrooms and common spaces, and  — in true Japanese style — miso soup is available in the lobby.

The Hotels are Ideally Situated to Experience the Seasons

Visitors — and residents — of Japan love the country’s varied seasonal vistas. From springtime cherry blossoms to colorful leaves in the fall, each season brings new and anticipated experiences, delicacies and adventures. 

From the nature-enclosed vantage of the hotels, guests can enjoy the beauty of each period. At the Minamifurano hotel, situated in a region famed for its rolling lavender fields, each room boasts a view over the purple-dyed hills. To witness the changing landscape of the sea as the seasons shift, both Wakayama locations overlook the ocean. In Kushimoto, the scene is further enhanced by the legendary Hashigui-iwa rock, a semi-submerged natural wonder. At Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Takayama Shokawa, guests have front row seats to observe the annual rice harvest from the comfort of their rooms. 

Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki Hotels Support the Local Community

Each location offers a beautiful l breakfast box service with a range of morsels sourced from that region. The boxes are perfect for those wishing to eat on the road, in the lobby overlooking the surrounding abundant nature, or even for a light snack.

Each hotel lobby hosts a mini gallery of monochrome photographs displaying nearby sights, as well as a small library. The area showcases locally-produced furnishings and artisanal objects — use it as inspiration when planning your day.

You Can Take Part in Tailored Happenings 

While each hotel provides a base which one can use to head out and explore, it also organizes events so guests can get the most out of their stay. One such event is the stargazing series, where keen stargazers can try their hand at figuring out the constellations with the support of experts.

In Minamiyamashiro, an area famed for its green tea production, guests can participate in a tea ceremony with a trained tea instructor. Other events include partnering with local wineries for tasting experiences. 

For more booking information and more travel inspiration, visit the official Fairfield by Mariott Michi-no-Eki Hotels website.


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