I have spent the past week exploring the Kathmandu Valley with the blessings of sunshine every day. I didn’t expect to be wearing short sleeves in Nepal in November, but much to my delight the valley is surprisingly warm.

Among the various places I have visited, the ancient “City of Devotees” – Bhaktapur is one not to be missed. Founded by King Anand Dev Malla in the 12th century, Bhaktapur is an accessible 12km from Kathmandu and is more than a mere tourist destination – it is truly a living city that pulsates with the hustle and bustle of the locals that live and work there. Beautiful wood carvings adorn doorways, windows and support columns and depict various Hindu gods and goddesses.

North of Bhaktapur is the World Heritage Site and oldest temple in Nepal, Changu Narayan, that dates to 323 A.D. I must admit I love the energy of ancient temples such as these and Nepal can be truly proud of the beautiful inspiration and fusion of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions in their architecture, culture and arts.