Today, after 3 months, I am leaving India.

It is always with mixed feelings that I depart this country- part of me can’t leave fast enough- to return to where the air and water quality is good (and sadly taken for granted). The other part of me knows I will miss the food, the warmth of the people (particularly the young women and children), the colour, the utter chaos, the trains… it’s difficult to fully describe.

I returned to Delhi a few days ago to visit my amazing dentist and do last minute things. The temperature is HOT- close to 40*C making it all the more easy to leave. I am staying in Paharganj which is conveniently located by the New Delhi Railway Station and Central Market for all those last minute buys.

Accommodation is plentiful in Paharganj- mostly on the budget side starting at 100rs for a room with a shared bath and fan. You are unlikely to see natural light in such guesthouses- but if you’d prefer to put your money towards the textiles, leathergoods and other great finds you will be set.

Be warned India has fantastic books- many of the books I am seduced to buy are not easily available outside of India and although the published prices have gone up in the past year, they are still very cheap compared with overseas prices. The notorious “book post” which has supported me in sending kilograms of books back home has gone the way of the dinosaur, but given the great selection in India  you will still be tempted to buy them.

The Indian Post office is conveniently located in the market reducing the anxiety of facing a hefty overweight luggage fee (I visited there this morning to send a few kg c/- my mother!).

Phir milengi and dhanyavād Mother India- until next time.

Peace, Dani