Seminal vegan ramen shop located inside the barriers of Tokyo Station, serving flavorsome vegan ramen in a variety of styles. As the name suggests, it specializes in tantanmen, a nutty, spicy ramen adapted from a similar Chinese Sichuan dish.

The main difference between tantanmen and other types of Japanese ramen, such as soy and miso, is the spiciness and toppings. Instead of chashu, tantanmen has ground meat on top, which is replaced with ground soy meat, while the soup itself contains peanuts and soy milk for an intensely creamy flavor. For those with allergies, other varieties such as Japanese-style yuzu ramen are on offer. Sets are also available, with classics including gyoza (vegan, of course) and Japanese fried “chicken.” The shop has a delicious instant ramen range, so you can enjoy T’s Tantan at home, too.