While most visitors to Numazu Port come for the fish market, there is a sweeter destination here. Offering a stunning backdrop of Mount Fuji and Japan’s deepest bay, Suruga Bay, Shirakansu Café is an ideal spot to take a break and enjoy the view. Combine it with their trademark shinkai (deep sea) monaka — a thin, crispy fish-shaped mochi rice wafer filled with Hokkaido-sourced adzuki bean paste — for the ultimate sweet sensation. The fish shape is based on the coelacanth, which is often called a living fossil, thus representing longevity and happiness. The monaka come in a variety of forms and flavors — we love the shinkai black, which pairs a brilliant blue spirulina jelly with soft-serve ice cream, topped with a shinkai monaka imitating a coelacanth diving down to catch its prey.