Figuring out what Amie’s is famous for is as easy as reading the restaurant’s full name. Take a look at the storefront in the relatively quiet yet culinarily rich neighborhood of Chitose-Funabashi, however, and you can see (and smell) its signature offering. 

The family-owned and operated restaurant has an interior brimming with character, and it’s the perfect place for immersing yourself in a Filipino family setting. Operating much like an izakaya, it serves drinks and an array of modestly portioned dishes for sharing. The adobo here is a well-founded favorite, simmered a bit longer than usual for a thicker, glazed consistency. The fried potatoes on the side serve to balance out the palate. 

Beverage options include staples of Filipino bars and taverns; beers like San Miguel pilsners and the infamously strong lager-type Red Horse complete the Filipino dining experience, as do an array of simple yet delicious fruit cocktails. Choose a drink featuring calamansi, a distinct citrus fruit similar to sudachi found in the Philippines, for a tropical vibe that can’t be beat.

For those wanting a deeper dive into Filipino cuisine, Amie’s also has a set course featuring an all-you-can-drink menu that ranges from ¥3,500 to ¥5,000 per person.