Find out about some salon secrets that you can use at home and learn about some of La YAMANO’s top products, all while enjoying champagne and light refreshments.



You are cordially invited to a night of beauty at La YAMANO with PHYTO in Ginza. Discover makeup tips and beauty secrets that only salon professionals know, and find out more about La YAMANO’s beauty product lineup.

The evening will kick off with a makeup show peformed by AKIRA, La YAMANO’s official hair and makeup artist. The show will be followed by workshop on facial esthetic and head spa techniques that you can use at home to achieve salon-quality results. Finally, mix and mingle with your fellow guests, enjoy a variety of food and drink, and try out some of La YAMANO’s top products, like the PHYTO line imported directly from Paris.

Time: 7 pm–9 pm, September 19

Medi beauty salon La YAMANO with PHYTO PARIS in Ginza, 104-0061 Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-4-8 Yamano Bldg | Tel: 03-3561-1200 | Toll-free: 0120-24-9483

Spaces are limited to 10 guests. To register, contact to [email protected]