A British prep school in the heart of Tokyo and Hokkaido is set to open its doors for the first time this summer. August 30 is the date for the grand opening of Phoenix House International School in Chiyoda-Ku. It will be welcoming students aged between five and 11 who will take lessons based on the UK curriculum. Boasting a well-structured programme, it promises to be an enriching experience for all pupils.

As well as developing skills and knowledge in core curriculum areas of mathematics, English, science and computing, children will explore projects based around history, geography, art, music and PE. A full Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) will also be integrated. And then there’s languages. Every student will take daily Japanese lessons in addition to a range of after-school language clubs.

Developing Confidence and Character

Naturally, academic achievement is important at Phoenix House, but the school is about far more than that. They consider the development of self-confidence and character to be of equal value. The aim is to ensure children are making genuine progress in all areas, while at the same time, enjoying their studies. To achieve this, they will offer students a variety of creative, collaborative and challenging opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Once the school year gets under way, each child and staff member will be assigned to a house. There are four houses in total – Oak, Rothesay, Windsor and Snowdon. Housemates from all year groups will work together in a number of diverse fields. There will be sports competitions, artistic exhibitions, musical performances and an assortment of activities that challenge different skill sets. Each house has its own logo, motto, and characteristics.

The Great Outdoors

Another thing students have to look forward to is the North Peak Enrichment Campus in Hokkaido. During the term, students from all year groups will enjoy a getaway from city life. Summer programmes will also be open to non-Phoenix House students. Experiences in the outdoors usually provide us with fond memories that last a lifetime and this will surely be the case for children who attend Phoenix House. North Peak is located close to Chitose airport and is easily accessible from Tokyo.

It’s a great opportunity to learn about rivers, animal habitats and ecosystems up close. Attendees can also participate in outdoor activities such as horse riding, kayaking, hiking and cricket. On top of all that, the children will be able to enjoy the skills of local artisans who will be sharing their expertise in areas such as cheese and miso preparation.

All of this can be experienced while enjoying the great, green outdoors of Hokkaido. With its enchanting natural scenery and clear blue skies, it’s a region that leaves a lasting impression on those who visit.

Promoting Diversity

When it comes to admissions, Phoenix House plans to be gently selective with children being assessed before they can secure a place at the school. That said, they expect there to be a range of learning profiles within a diverse and international community. Those who are enrolled can look forward to a rich school life with engaging learning activities, languages and sports as well as performing and visual arts.

Excitingly, within the Phoenix House campus in Tokyo, there will be an externally run centre for children’s learning support and therapy. It will also be a hub from which parents and schools across Tokyo can procure a range of services, ranging from professional consultations, educational psychology assessments, speech and language therapy and staff training. As the hub grows so will the range of services.

The aim is to help support children in need and parents can procure individualised packages for their kids directly. It’s an exciting initiative with the objective of ensuring parents, both at Phoenix House and other schools in the city, can find the support they need for their children from one place and make sure it is cohesively connected to everyday school learning life.

Ready for Launch

Phoenix House is looking forward to welcoming its first cohort of students at the end of August. The plan is to slowly build up to the school’s capacity of 288 over the coming years. There will be three classes in each year group and a maximum of 16-18 pupils in every class.

The Head of the School, Claire Fletcher will be joining from Dubai in mid-July along with Deputy Head, Christopher Morgan. All the other teachers will be coming directly either from schools in the UK or British schools in Asia and the Middle East at the end of July. It’s a brand new start for everyone involved and they can’t wait to kick off the new term.

How to Apply

Prospective parents and interested parties are welcome to attend information sessions or visit the school directly. Bookings can be made through the Open Apply portal. Questions about admissions can be sent to [email protected].

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