There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Tokyo this week, including a Harajuku flea market, drag show, art exhibitions and more.

1. Harajuku Freedom Market

After its first successful flea market event, Harajuku Freedom Market is back. Visitors can meet and greet Harajuku fashion model and artist Haruka Kurebayashi and cyber gyaru Dede. They will be sharing their favorite things and selling original goods.

When: Until Nov 13 | See more information about this event

2. Ghoul: Art Exhibition and Charity Event

“Ghoul” is an ongoing art project and brand by artist and designer Craig Rozynski consisting of retro futurist art of little monsters reminiscent of old games. His new exhibition takes place in Meteor, a store with a big following in the retro gamer scene. Rozynski is taking over the store for the week.

All proceeds will be donated to the Ukrainian charity KH.LIB, which provides food and essential items to people in Kharkiv.

When: Until Nov 13 | See more information about this event

3. Fresh Meat: Drag Show by Haus von Schwarz

Alternative and avant-garde drag shows and queer celebrations, the Fresh Meat events by Haus von Schwarz always raise funds for charity. This show will be fundraising for a transgender rights charity.

Aside from Haus members, there will be guest performers announced via Instagram.

Note: ticket numbers are limited.

When: Nov 12 | See more information about this event

4. Yurakucho-Shinbashi German Fair 2022

This German Fair is a collaborative project of four facilities utilizing the red brick viaduct between the JR Yurakucho and Shimbashi stations. This structure was designed by a German railroad engineer and modeled after the Berlin viaduct.

During the fair, there will be exclusive meals and drinks and sales of original miscellaneous goods with a connection to German culture.

When: Nov 11-27 | See more information about this event

5. Mount Takao Fall Foliage Festival

Mount Takao Fall Foliage Festival will be held on Mount Takao. The best time to see the spectacular view of the red and yellow autumn leaves in Tokyo is usually from mid-November to early December. The foliage season attracts many tourists and climbers, making it the busiest time of the year.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, there will be no stage events or mass sake sales this year.

When: Until Dec 4 | See more information about this event

6. Yusuke Nakamura 20th Anniversary Exhibition

This exhibition is a large-scale attempt to bring together almost all of Yusuke Nakamura’s work to date. Under each theme, not only finished illustrations, but also line drawings and sketches of ideas before coloring will be shown. During the exhibition, there will also be autograph sessions, talk shows with celebrities and the sale of exclusive original goods.

When: From Nov 9 | See more information about this event

7. 28th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava: Japan Exhibition

Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, also known as BIB, is one of the oldest international awards for children’s picture book illustrators. It was first given to Yasuo Segawa from Japan in 1967.

This exhibition puts a spotlight on the 28th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava contributors from Japan and South Korea. In BIB2021, Mamiko Shiotani from the former and Lee Myung-ae from the latter both finished in the top three.

When: From Nov 12 | See more information about this event

8. “Discovery” – An Exhibition of Shinji Terauchi, Riso Porcelain from Arita

As the fourth-generation head of the Arita ware kiln Riso Porcelain, Shinji Terauchi continues to challenge the style of modern Arita porcelain and works with clay using his own hands. In recent years, he has been working on the utilization of the raw material resources within the region and developed his original porcelain clay. In this exhibition, Terauchi’s works which are made from Izumiyama clay and Amakusa clay, will be showcased. These two types of clay are not widely distributed due to their limited usability.

When: Nov 11-26 | See more information about this event