As we slip into September, the humidity and high temperatures are slowly decreasing, making it that much more comfortable. With the perfect weather we’re having, you can have a great day whether you decide to spend it indoors or outdoors. Here we have a list of exhibitions, festivals and live performances where you can enjoy the last of the summer breeze.

1. Ryugu Festival

Tokyo Girls Collection and Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa collaborate for the first time on The Ryugu space inspired by the Dragon’s Palace from the Japanese fairytale “Urashima Taro.” The space is stylishly designed with on-theme fireworks, lights, aquarium displays and performances.

When: Until Oct 23 | More Info


Courtesy of Tokyo University of the Arts

2. Geisai: Tokyo University of the Arts Festival

One of the most prestigious art universities in Japan, the Tokyo University of the Arts or Geidai for short, is hosting its annual festival on campus. The program includes talk sessions with well-known artists, music performances, art exhibitions, a “Miss Geidai” competition and a parade with creative mikoshi, or palanquin shrines. The festival ends with a samba performance.

When: Sep 2–4 | More Info

Music Meets WHIZ CAFE with Tama Tsuboi and Elliot Cormack

3. MTM: Tama Tsuboi and Elliot Cormack Live at Whiz Cafe

MTM have partnered up with Whiz Cafe, a stylish café in Kanda, to bring live music to a different space. The second event will have performances by Tama Tsuboi who is the singer and songwriter of Shamanz and Elliot Cormack. It’s a great way to spend a Thursday evening in a relaxed stylish space.

When: Sep 1 | More Info

Zukan Museum Ginza

4. Night Zukan Museum

This experience is all about enjoying an alcoholic drink while meandering through the digital displays that reproduce calm scenes from nature in bustling Ginza. The night museum offers visitors a space to relax and observe nature after a long day of work before or after dinner. There will also be a special game with prizes that can only be played at night at the drink counter.

When: Until Sep 30 | More Info

5. Toshio Suzuki Ghibli Exhibition

This exhibition was held at Kanda Myojin, Tokyo in 2019 for the first time and was well received by the public. The exhibition is back this year and the number of pieces has been greatly increased and the content has been upgraded. One of the main attractions is a large space that is a recreation of the Spirited Away world, which is only available in Tokyo. The large space is based on the bathhouse from the film. Visitors can learn about the birth of Studio Ghibli and what inspired the creation of its works.

When: Until Sep 4 | More Info