Life in Tokyo is extreme.

While the city has plenty of options to help us frustrated folks relax after the chaos of the workday, sometimes the only thing that helps is to go even more extreme.

Asobiba is here to help. Located just six minutes from Ikebukuro station, it’s the largest indoor survival game facility in Tokyo. In the giant space, which opens February 25, air soft pellets fly through the air, leaving traces of blazing light, while pumping background music heightens the tension. It’s not long before participants feel as if they’ve been sucked into a sci-fi adventure.


With many would-be survival game players turned off by long travel distances, Asobiba has the advantage of being right in the middle of Ikebukuro. Providing players with rentable equipment and holding events where visitors can team up with others on the spot, Asobiba is committed to making the experience accessible to beginners as well.

With space for up to 90 players and open from 9am to 5am, Asobiba is perfect for Tokyo dwellers looking to let off some steam by going extreme.

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only) or the Asobiba official site.