Nestled into the foothills of Mt. Takao, not far from Takao Station, you will find a local brewery unsurprisingly known as the Takao Beer corporation. They make good Tokyo beer steeped in centuries of homegrown traditions, which is the secret to their success. You might have come across their bottled beers from time to time, but now, you can get them from as close to the source as possible with the opening of the new Takao Beer Taproom.

Opening on September 7, the new bar is located in the Lantern building by Takao Station, just a stone throw away from the actual brewery. Besides a fresh supply of Takao Beer, the Taproom will also offer specially-selected craft beers from all around the world on its menu, turning the establishment into a beer lover’s dream destination.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).