Head over to Shintora Tabisuru Market – an ongoing event just outside Toranomon Hills that promotes regions from across Japan – to join fellow culture and food enthusiasts for a taste of some of the country’s best local specialties. Consisting of several pop-up stalls and a shop, the autumn edition of the market is a gathering of tasty snacks, elegant handmade crafts and beautiful, practical yakimono pottery (amongst other goods) sourced from six different cities in Kagoshima, Mie and Niigata Prefectures.

Perfect for beautifully crafted souvenirs and gifts, the regional crafts selection will be available at the Tabisuru Store until November 26, 2017. But don’t worry if you miss out on these as there’s plenty more to shop for at the market’s autumn edition, which runs until December 27, 2017. Why not set out on a virtual trip to craft villages around Japan to find the perfect present? Here are six of our top recommendations…

Kumiko style woodwork

Kumiko-style coasters and pot holders

For the Aesthetics Lover

Kumiko-style woodwork is a sophisticated method where pieces of wood are assembled to make intricate patterns and designs, without the use of nails. These coasters and pot holders from Komono are a beautiful addition to any home. Hot pad for pots ¥3,240, interlaced coaster ¥1,404, snowflake coaster ¥2,160.

handcrafted metalwork cups from Niigata

Purple copper tumblers

For the Ale Imbiber

Niigata is well known for its metalwork, and it shows in this brilliant hand-hammered purple copper tumbler from Yahiko village. It’ll keep your beer frosty cold and your bar décor on point with its tasteful and elegant design. Purple copper tumbler (350ml) ¥18,360

Coffee, chocolate and cake set

Coffee, chocolate and cake set

For the Sweet-Tooth

For an after-dinner treat, this convenient box set contains a selection of chocolates, cookies and cakes – and even the drip coffee to go with them! Enticing nibbles like matcha baumkuchen rusk cookies and matcha cheese tarts are sure to make any guest come back for seconds. Coffee, chocolate, and cake set ¥3,240

rice bowls

Rice bowls

For the Gourmet

Home to world-renowned Satsuma pottery, Hioki City’s selection of ceramics proves simple designs are always in style. These spectacular Kuro Satsuma pieces feature black-bodied ceramic bowls coated in a dark overglaze and are easy to hold in one hand – perfect for when you’re grabbing a second serving. Rice bowl (black or golden brown) ¥2,160

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath

For the Hard to Please

It can be hard to find items that are both aesthetically attractive and will get plenty of use, but we’re sure this adornment will tick both boxes: a long-lasting Christmas wreath in soft pastels and muted purple shades. The flowers are handmade by slicing the stalk of the sola tree into thin strips, then molding them into delicate petal shapes, which will last an eternity. Christmas wreath ¥10,800


For the Connoisseur

For something a little bit stronger, the Kagoshima-made Saru series from Komasa Jyozo Co., Ltd offers a selection of three fruity and fragrant shochu varieties in compact 500ml bottles. Though shochu is usually served straight, on the rocks or with hot water, this particular range is great when mixed into cocktails as well. Akazaru, Kizaru, Shirozaru shochu (500 ml), ¥864

For more information about Tabisuru Shintora Market’s Autumn Edition, visit our event listing.

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