Creative Lounge MOVKOKUYO at Shibuya Hikarie

Creative Lounge MOV/KOKUYO

This work space allows you to enter an environment of creativity, ideas and knowledge. By gathering people from all walks of life in one gorgeous location, it creates a real sense of community that you won’t find anywhere else.

CUBE1,2,3 at Shibuya Hikarie

Photo by Osamu Sakamoto, courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery

CUBE 1,2,3

Like a blank piece of paper that can be come anything, this white gallery space hosts a different exhibition every couple of weeks. Whether it’s sculptures, photographs or fashion, CUBE 1,2,3 is your everchanging door to the world of art and culture.

Court at Shibuya Hikarie

Photo by Satoshi Nagare


Seemingly taking inspiration from the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, the COURT event space brings different people and viewpoints together on its eye-catching green rug. From workshops to talks or marketplaces, COURT is Shibuya Hikarie’s global town square of ideas.

TW x Myoko City (Oct 2–3)

Tokyo Weekender hosts an event in collaboration with Myoko city to share with you a cultural experience featuring the best this mountain town in Niigata Prefecture has to offer.


The “47” in “d47” refers to Japan’s 47 prefectures as this exhibition space showcases traditional crafts, food and other creations from every corner of the country. Much like Japan itself, it never remains static, and is always hosting new events:

47 Rental Store (Jul 1 – Oct 18)

The current incarnation of the d47 MUSEUM is the 47 RENTAL STORE, where you can try out creations from all across Japan, and then either buy them or offer valuable feedback. Either way, everybody benefits and grows.

d47 travel store at Shibuya Hikarie

d47 design travel store/D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT

This store offers a carefully selected assortment of items that best represent the unique designs of each Japanese prefecture. With all that creativity to showcase, the d47 design travel store constantly organizes special events highlighting their most exciting products.

Moonstar Sneakers (Sep 2 – 21)

The producers of Moonstar shoes of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, have been manufacturing footwear for over 140 years, and now they want to become synonymous with Japanese sneakers. You can help them out by picking up your pair this September.

saredo no Ito Shigoto (Sep 2 – Oct 12)

“saredo” is a recycled-cotton brand created by the Kayazawa yarn shop, which stands for Sustainable, Alternative, REnovation and DOmestic. That also tells you everything you need to know about this line of beanies, socks and more.

d47 Shokudo at Shibuya Hikarie


The best way to get to know a culture is through its food, and that’s what SHOKUDO is offering. With dishes from all 47 prefectures and beyond, which change every month, you can get a literal taste of Japan here. Open Sunday morning in addition to normal business hours.

Talmary Bread (Sep 19)

The creation of the Talmary Cafe and Bakery of Chizu, Tottori Prefecture, Talmary bread is made from wild yeast and freshly ground local wheat. The result is a light, soft bread that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Munakatado Bread (Oct 3)

Originating in Okinawa, the Munakatado bakery’s bread is made from all-natural yeast and is baked in a brick wood-burning oven. Hearty and full of tradition, it’s actually available at the d47 SHOKUDO every first weekend of the month.

Jeju Awabi-Gayu (Oct 10)

Awabi-gayu is the Japanese name for the traditional dish of abalone rice porridge. Part of the traditional cuisine of South Korea’s Jeju Island, it’s a delicious mix of the bounties of the land and sea.

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