In the age of super attention to cleanliness we round up some of our preferred skin-friendly antibacterial products for daily and emergency use.

PQ TECHNO has created antiviral and antibacterial agent AminoArea neo for a whole spectrum of situations

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the world witnessed a huge upsurge in people disinfecting their hands many times a day. Typical alcohol-based disinfectants can be too hard on the skin for many people to use. PQ TECHNO, however, has solved that problem with its amino acid-based, antiviral and antibacterial agent called AminoArea neo.

The company spent 20 years developing a product aimed at supporting the health and safety of all people. It uses amino acids derived from soybeans as its main ingredient and has obtained International Halal Certification.

While it is powerful against viruses and bacteria, the alcohol-free composition makes it friendly for even delicate skin, meaning that it can be used on babies and the elderly. Unlike alcohol or chlorine-based products, it is also safe to use on clothing, doorknobs and tabletops. The product’s plant-based contents also make it gentle on the environment. 

AminoArea neo can be stored unopened for 10 years, which makes it a perfect addition to emergency evacuation kits to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in times of disaster when hygiene conditions tend to be poor. Its deodorizing effect can help keep the body feeling fresh when bathing is not possible. The product helps support peace of mind during times of uncertainty.

AminoArea neo by PQ TECHNO CO., LTD.

 Complete your emergency pack with AminoArea MinimalHygiene, a pocket of products designed for life

AminoArea MinimalHygiene is a pouch pack consisting of four items that help ensure basic personal hygiene in times of disaster when water is unavailable. In earthquake-prone Japan, we are often advised to have a set of emergency necessities close at hand, and this convenient, portable product containing a natural, alcohol-free antiviral and antibacterial agent is ideal.

This set contains wet wipes infused with AminoArea neo and a flat, card-shaped spray container that prevents the spread of infectious diseases. The other two items are a container of AminoArea scalp and body water (for treating body odor and freshening the skin) and a set of compressed sheet-type towels that expand when moistened.

The gift packaging for this product features traditional Japanese patterns and motifs inspired by Ise katagami paper stencils, which is a craft based in Mie Prefecture, where the company is located. This attractive detailing, unique to Japan, makes it a great gift idea. Or, alternatively, treat yourself to greater peace of mind by slipping one of these into your own bag. 

AminoArea MinimalHygiene by PQ TECHNO CO., LTD.