What is Zoophonics? It doesn’t involve any elephants or giraffes, but it does make learning to read a fun and exciting activity for young children. The Zoophonics method incorporates a combination of phonetic sounds and arm signals, which means that children are using their bodies and ears as well as their minds. If you’ve ever spent much time around a toddler, you know that this type of activity is great for their wiggly bodies and inquisitive minds.

At the Kinshicho branch of Zoophonics Academy, children aged two to three ( the Missy Mouse class) learn about subjects ranging from early reading and writing to math, music, and art from this California-based curriculum. The focus is on phonics, but the material is presented in a fun and meaningful way for each age group. Some of the entertaining phonics-based activities include letter egg hunts and musical letters.

In addition to the preschool program described above, Zoophonics Kinshicho offers after-school classes for kindergarten and elementary school students from age three to twelve.

While developing independent readers and writers  is an important part of the Zoophonics curriculum, there is also room for fun as students participate in special activities throughout the year including a yearly field trip with parents, Christmas and Halloween parties, and Spring and Summer camps (open to anyone who would like to get a short glimpse of the full-time program). For more information, please contact Connie Wright on 03-5610-7056 or email [email protected].

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